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expense free

Let us help pay your way to clients.

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Earn more money with tips and loyal clients.

 Clients are encouraged to tip at appointments.

Also, if you get requested by clients, that's more money in your pocket!

You're talented; you deserve it! 

Build your


  1. Get introduced to new clients.

  2. Show them why they should request you again.

  3.  Start building a loyal clientele base from there!

No Commitment


We know,

Freelance Makeup Artists are Entrepreneurs.

Once you've grown a good and loyal clientele base,

We have no problem with you leaving us.

Do your own thing!

And take your loyal clients with you! 



Rasheeda, East Hartford CT

Cool concept. Friendly team. Glad I joined & I'm excited to get some new clients

Nicole, Waterbury CT

This company is so nice!

You can tell that their best interest is to support makeup artists just by how they interact with you!

Treonna, Stamford CT

I feel apart of something that is about to really take off. 

This is exciting!

This opportunity is for an independent contractor.

Actual earnings may vary depending on number of bookings accepted, day of week, location, and other factors.

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